Diet Coke + Mentos

I know, I know.. you guys must have probably had enough of the whole Diet Coke, Mentos crap. Everyone has done it, everyone has seen it but you have to see this video on the Letterman show. The segment at the end is pretty amazing.

Like the man, himself, said a garden hose can probably replicate the same effect but where’s the fun in that?

I wonder how the guy who discovered this actually well, first discovered it. Was he and a bunch of friends challenging to see who can toss a Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke? Was he trying to drink from a bottle of Diet Coke just after popping a Mentos into his mouth, only to drop it into the bottle? Was the guy trying to invent Diet Coke flavored Mentos? -shrug-

That’s what makes us different from animals. You don’t see your dog trying to put its dog biscuits into its fresh dog chow to see if the combination explodes.

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