Sheets of rain came down as a curtain of shifting, wavering droplets, forming a veil between our eyes and reality. It blurred the hard edges of the buildings, distorted truths and seemed to dilute both the happiness and the pain of our world.

I escaped the war zone at home and left early for school today. Painters, renovators, buckets of paints, tools. I have no qualms with meeting new people but these strangers had invaded my home, my comfort zone. I felt uneasy, I felt vulnerable, I felt threatened.

Small pic Big mess

So there I was on the bus, watching the world move pass me. The rain seemed to have changed my surroundings. Grass patches turned into tiny bogs and marshes as the rain failed to run off fast enough and formed pools of water amidst the turfs of grasses. These pools, such pitiful things. It takes all the right conditions to form them, yet their existence which is of pure chance is all but temporal. Once the rainy season passes and the sun is back, the bogs and marshes would be no more…

The water that managed to run off the surface eventually flowed into the canal. As the clear water joined the main murky flow, first it resisted, creating swirls in the dirty water. But it wasn’t before long that the battle is decided and all that was left is a single shade of brown continuing as it did before, showing no signs of the conflict before or its victory. Somehow this is reflective of ourselves and our company, isn’t it? When we mix with a group of people, we would initially hold on to our individuality. After some time, we just rub off each other and our personalities bleed into others, we absorb some of others. Eventually, we reach a stage where we’re not quite ourselves, changed yet it still takes every single one of us to make up the group.

Dreary is usually how I would describe such a day. It is also the name of one of the Unreal Tournament maps. I believe we used to play it uncountable times yet somehow I can’t remember how it looked like anymore, strange. There is something I remember though, there were windows in that map, when you looked out, it’s torrential rain, splattering on the panes. It very much resembled the scene when I looked out of the bus. Somehow I didn’t feel dreary, it was rather pleasant.

The translucent curtain of rain blurring the hard edges of the buildings, distorting truths and diluting happiness, as well as the pain of our world…

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