Last Christmas

I know I’m backtracking but you’re not really in a position to complain are you?

Selwyn was commenting that I have no 情趣 when he learnt that I didn’t spend Christmas eve with Jo. Well, maybe some explanation is in due. Su left a poor, sick Cheese in Singapore and went on a holiday, so being the nice guy that I am, I went to meet up with him. Ly joined us and had dinner at Bt Timah market; it was nostalgic. Back when we were studying in NJ, it underwent a major renovation. I do recall having BBQ stingray there with JW, seems so long ago… Anyway, it was pool, followed by supper as usual. Didn’t have prata since Cheese is ill. Took great resolve on his part to survive on kway teow soup for almost a week. Haha. Teo Chew porridge followed by teh-cino isn’t that bad either.

Teow Chew Porridge

Anyway, I went hiking with Jo on Christmas morning. It was yet another spontaneous decision, this time made 4 am in the morning. And so, we arrived at Bukit Timah Hill with only 3 hours or so of sleep to spend an unique and unforgettable Christmas morning.

Took a new path called the Cave Path and we found.. um.. caves? All of them were sealed by iron gates but if you take a closer look, you can see clear water running in all of them. What initially thought to be the sound of thunder and impending rain was soon recognised to be that of running water. Jo commented on how other countries have fresh springs and our water comes from a drain.

Spotted a small troop of monkeys. It’d seem the population seems to have dwindled since the last time I was at Bt Timah. Lots of signs around asking visitors to stop feeding the monkeys, so perhaps the monkeys all died of starvation. The paths were mostly muddy due to several days of rain, one trail was closed due to soil failure. Thank goodness, the weather held out for us that morning. Besides slippery mud trails, there were stone stairs, lots of stone stairs.

The nature reserve was unexpectedly crowded with families going on hikes or a simple jog. Could see that some of them were pretty seasoned hikers who come prepared with proper walking sticks; not to mention overtaking us as we make our way to the submit. Jo said we’re taking our time and enjoying the sights and sounds… What’s more incredible were the number of young children there. Some of them too young to even walk. We spotted a pregnant lady at the submit as well (How does she do it??)

{Hike} The Submit

Had drinks at Al-Azhar after we made our way back down (using the tar road). I was there yet again the next evening when the Misties met up for dinner. I need a membership card there. Seriously. Well, not really.

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