Long long day

Subby and I had GEK lessons from 9 – 12pm at Business. We initially intended to beat the peak hour morning crowd but he was late so the crowd caught up with us in the end. We had to squeeze through numerous bodies (that obeyed Newton’s law on inertia stringently) just to get out of the train and arrived in time for lessons. We had our CA1 today which was a 5 mins presentation. I thought our lecturer looked rather stern when she was assessing us, very unlike her usual cheery self while she was teaching. The lesson ended 10 past 12 as most groups presented for more than 5mins.

I hopped on the (yet again) crowded A2 bus from engine, planning how I should spend my next 2 hours before the next lecture. I was greeted to a pleasant surprise when I met Lalli my sec sch classmate, who invited me to lunch with her friends.

She’s from bio engine and her 2 other friends are from chem engine and arts. I had a subway sandwich (YIH queues are terrible) After lunch, I printed notes at SOC1 lvl 8 and proceeded to LT34 for java lecture. After I sat down and took out my things, I realised that my pencilcase was missing! I hurried back to the lvl 8 computer that I sat in front of and thank goodness the pencilcase is still there! I guess I wouldn’t be so lucky if it was my phone. The lecture was dry and his voice monotonous. Often, my train of thoughts trailed off only to realise that he’s on another slide a few moments later.

This was followed by a 3 hour LSM lecture.

The prof was so absorbed in his discussion that he ate into our 10 mins break time. He asked if we’re angry and the students unanimously said “yes”. He felt bad after that and gave us a 5mins break soon after. I bought a fish ramly burger from the bazaar since many have feedback it to be delicious.

It was a disappointment really. The auntie told me that it costs $3 though the sign on her stall stated $2. She asked if I wanted chili and I answered no. I even double checked with her that chili isn’t added into my burger but looks like I’ve been conned again.

Hooray to the prof who finishes the lecture early!

Subby and I had dinner at “The soupspoon”. Kudos to them for such good food without being too pricey.

No surprise lime in the tea, the beef in the soup is tender (you don’t taste the wine though), tasty smoked salmon and very commendable naan for a restaurant that serves mostly western food.

Not forgetting, the usual “spokeperson eating segment” in Dumdum’s foodie recommendation.

And so ends this long long post.

3 thoughts on “Long long day

  1. Joanne!! what happened to ur blog?? are u sharing blog with Subby now??
    Sorry Subby.. i gotta like intrude on your blog in order to contact Jo haha.
    Ehh the ramly burger sucks la!! They have the same thing in Arts and the damn auntie cheats u of ur money!!
    It is so lousy!! Dont EVER eat it again!!

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