Memories and Existence

It is said that when one passes on, one doesn’t immediately cease to exist in the world. He or she will continue to live in the memories of others. It is when those people pass on themselves that one finally die off from this world. As such, there are those who can be deemed immortal, great men like Albert Einstein and such, whose lives are so intertwined with the history of mankind that they will continue to exist until mankind is wiped out entirely.

I met Alan Tea, my ET1000 tutor, at Central Library bus stop yesterday. It was a pleasant surprise he recognised me but not only that, he remembered my name as well. It brought a smile to my face for whatever reason.

I believe it might be a fundamental drive for humans to want to live longer (no necessarily in the tales of fantasy where you swallow an immortal pill). Some have gone on to do great things and leave their marks in history. Others try to make many, many friends. It’s interesting to think about how these two categories of people rarely intersect: great men seldom make many, many friends and those who make many, many friends rarely become great.

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