New Year’s Eve

Yes, I’ve finally managed to catch up with time (well almost). After numerous rejected countdown plans, Su decided to just host a BBQ at her place. So I was counting down to 2007 at her place with Jo, Cheese and a bunch of Su’s friends. Each of them brought down some food, I just bought drinks and a few roast chickens with Cheese from Carrefour.

Su’s parents were really great hosts. Her mom served us the food and kept offering us her interesting fruits. Her dad made sure the wines and beers were flowing. Haha.
After we’re all fed and intoxicated and done with counting down. We walked to Punggol Park to play with sparklers. They were those which made loud noises once they’re ignited. I bet we disturbed some of the folks fishing there. But hey, it’s the New Year and I bet lots of them made resolutions to be kinder, less mean, better people, so I doubt they really minded, hah!

Everyone left Su’s place at 3+, no opportunity to really thank the parents since they were asleep by then. Thanks aunty, uncle! Jo wanted to catch the first sunrise of the new year so we took a cab down to East Coast Park. You won’t believe the crowd there! Macs was packed and almost every table was taken at, it’s 4 in the morning for goodness sake. The toilet queues were super long, haha. The entire park is packed with tents and mats. Some of the early birds were fortunate enough to “book” one of the shelters. There were still people cycling, playing, chatting, mostly soaking in the festive new year. I’d say the park is definitely more crowded than a typical weekend. As we walked in the direction of Bedok Jetty, the tents became more sparse and the surroundings grew quieter. We found a spot on the beach and it was there that we sat, chat and felt the cool breeze on our faces; mostly enjoying each other’s company. The magnificent sunrise that we expected didn’t come but I guess it didn’t really matter.

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