Return to Westeros

“Rereading a good book is like being reacquainted with an old friend.”

After the release of A Feast For Crows, I went to grab A Game of Thrones from San Bookshop since I forgot the story somewhat. It was quite some time ago when Alvin lent me the 3 books. Now as I’m rereading Throne, I gained new insights as I returned to Westeros; and the deception and treachery in the courts of its medieval Houses.

I went to meet Justin and Big Joe for lunch at Botak Jones. Justin came back from Australia for his break and had wanted me to bring him there since before he flew back, heh. Had Cajun chicken, it was not bad but I’d prefer it be thinner. Anyway, after lunch we went to walk around Clementi and ended up at Big Bookshop. And guess what, they had Crows for $6.90. Yup, that’s right, it’s cheaper than what I get for second-hand books from San. Of course, I grabbed it. Had dinner with Dum Dum at Westmall and I grabbed the other 2 books from San. So there I have it, 4 books of A Song of Ice and Fire:

SoIF 1-4

Anyway, something very odd happened yesterday. After my lesson at FASS, a girl approached me and offered me her phone number, claiming she just wanted to make a new friend. I simply told her to write it down so that I could go have my lunch (yeah, I know I behave like an arse when I’m hungry). She sounded like disappointed when I said that with a “huh, so bad ah?” I felt too much of a jerk later in the day so I looked a the phone number she wrote down. I couldn’t decipher the number she wrote and the two numbers I messaged to didn’t seem to reach the right person, oh well. Putting my detective skills (however little that is) to work, I checked up the class list of the module which lecture I came out from yesterday and found the name she wrote down. Now I’m wondering if I should risk getting the wrong person again and send an email or just let the whole thing slide. I mean she probably goes around giving her number to random guys so she should have gotten used to being snubbed… um.. right?

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