White Diamond & Blood Dog @ Vivocity

Well, we were waiting for our movie to start so we decided to explore the eateries at Vivocity. After exploring for quite a bit, we decided to settle for White Dog Cafe (probably because it was free of the dinner crowd). Baka-mei visited the places recently and thought it was pretty good, I think Dum Dum and I beg to differ. Wooly didn’t eat anything so he can’t comment.

{12Jan07} Wooly
{12Jan07} Dum Dum
Dum Dum
{12Jan07} Me

Since we already had dinner, we only ordered a soup and a slice of cake. You can’t really distinguish what’s what in the Triple Mushroom soup. When it’s served, it vaguely reminded me of the pile of mashy stuff served to prisoners. After we’re done, it reminded me of how a typical toilet in a bar looks like with barf splattered all over… Well, the cake is just cake. If you’re into soup I’d recommend The Soup Spoon. When you’re craving for desserts and the likes, there’s always n.y.d.c..

Well, at least it has funky deco much like the rest of VivoCity. However, the place does seem to copy n.y.d.c.’s concept of a dessert-cafe-restaurant. Well, you can’t really fault them with the number of cafe-restaurants sprouting up. But it’s kinda ridiculous when the similarity runs right down to the white dog mascot. Oh, and they must have serve pretty awesome lunchtime soup for $15.50++And so after our adventure at White Dog Cafe, we finally got to watch Blood Diamond [IMDb] four rows from the screen. I bought the tickets thinking it was just another action flick but there’re important messages in the film like conflict diamonds and child soldiers in Africa. I thought DiCaprio’s accent through the film was funny. He does look more ragged and less refined than his usual roles (Orlando Bloom probably took over his spot for boyish roles) but I’d have to say Takeshi looks more the men’s man and lady-killer in Confession of Pain. Anyhow, back to Blood Diamond, it was probably Djimon Hounsou who stole the show with the intensity in his role as Solomon Vandy. It was a rather lengthy movie which made us change several modes of transport just to get home… I’m not sure if it’s still in the theatres but you should probably go catch it if you have 9 bucks to spare.

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