New York New York

Went to New York New York with Cheese, Shini and Jo on the 18th. Drove Shini and Jo to his hall to surprise him. I guess this is a make-up birthday celebration/get-together since both our birthdays are smack in the Lunar New Year period this year which makes it difficult to organise a proper celebration. So yea, enjoy the pix…

That’s all you missed by going Aus, Su. Hope you’re not jealous. ;)

One thought on “New York New York

  1. Thanx guys for the celebration =) Though it wasnt much of a surprise HAHA…Anyway,to anyone out there,who’s interested in that Giant Burget thinggy,here’s something from someone who’s been there.The burger is definitely finishable along side with the fries if not for the cream of mushroom and that quite gigantic root beer float.The root beer float taste diluted =(

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