Kids these days…

Not to sound like I’m bloody old but the kids these days are really outta hand. As I was taking a lift up to meet Jo for dinner today, I witnessed interaction between a kid and her parents. The mother was complaining to the father about some thing and the daughter had the guts to comment that her mom’s talking rot. That earned her an immediate slap in public. That didn’t really shut her up, as the mother turned to point out to the father about how big a mouth their daughter have, the kid went on to say that her mother has one too. The mother threatened to slap her again but this time she had least has the shame to cover her cheeks. Well, it doesn’t end that. Her mother then threatened to buy a cane tomorrow to cane her and she made a breaking action, showing what she thought of her mother’s cane. This time the father gave her a hard flick on the cheek.

I can’t hardly imagine what’d happen to me if I were to behave like her back when I was younger. I think I might be beaten bloody. I gotta give her credit for not bursting into tears but I guess the shame of crying in a packed lift was the only thing that kept her from doing just that. Sometimes I complain about how my sisters are getting away with a lot of stuff which I were punished for last time but they were a lot better than that girl in the lift in all honesty.

I was tired today but it was a good kind of tiredness. I did my work, some stuff in club, it was a tiredness from accomplishment. All the more I’d enjoy my rest later: almost done with A Clash of Kings and might play around with the new Sims 2 expansion: Seasons. Dinner with Jo was simple but nice. I enjoyed myself.

It was a good Friday.

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