The down side of a cosmopolitian society?

After a long day in school from 9am (GEK) to 6.30pm (LSM), Subby and I went to NYDC to have dinner. As we were walking towards Buona Vista MRT on the secluded pathway between Holland V and the bus terminal, a group of teenage caucasians were heading in the opposite direction. They looked like they just had a party, with some of the girls carrying balloons. As they walked pass us, one of the boys made a sign with his hand and waved it in front of us. I couldn’t make out what it meant as the lighting was very dim but it didn’t look like a thumb up or anything positive.

I was taken aback when he did that as no stranger has ever showed such a outright display of unhappiness towards me before. I speculated that it was some sort of vulgarity and racist gesture aimed at me and soon began to feel crossed. This didn’t not happen when I’m a minority in a foreign land, it happened right here where I was born, bred and lived for the past twenty years.

After we boarded the Marina Bay train, Subby spotted a big board which had words of protest against Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Fa Lun Gong1

There was a man and a lady guarding the board and they started giving out flyers to commuters around. This lady took a flyer from them. Beneath the flyer is a newspaper. When her friend asked her what it is, she said “Fa Lun Gong”. Her friend’s expression showed signs of fear and they started whispering softly. The two people attracted the attention of many commuters around the area as well. If you’re holding a board with such strong words, you bet you’ll attract attention. They soon turned the board the other way around to reveal a newspaper article.

Fa Lun Gong2

After witnessing such an event up close and personal, I can’t help feel that these people are threatening the security of my home by gathering supporters against our government. I respect Mr Lee as a great man who brought our nation from 3rd world to 1st in just two generations. I can’t help but cringe when I read the board on the train. In case you haven’t heard about them, Fa Lun Gong is banned in Singapore, and for good reasons from what I saw.

People used to get fine for littering and spitting chewing gum. By the broken window theory, our island became a safe place to live in because the person who was caught for thowing a cigarette butt on the floor could be off to rob someone. As we prosper, we soon began to demand more freedom and say in our governance. There is now a feedback unit, the MPs interacts with the people in order to find out their needs. However, there is a surge in litter around the island as well. Take a look at the open field beside Jurong East MRT and the beach at ECP and you’ll know what I mean. I’m sure it isn’t restricted to these areas since the papers have published the litter problem as well. Perhaps this small little crack in the window have lead to more daring occurances as what I have witnessed today. Perhaps it is time to start catching litter bugs again.

2 thoughts on “The down side of a cosmopolitian society?

  1. I thought there would be those MRT personnel walking around in the trains? and what about the CCTV? What they are doing doesn’t seem very safe to me..

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard of such things happening.. They sure are bold..

  2. There’s no CCTV on the north-south line. Yea…they are…and they aren’t locals. Guess where are they from? I’m sure you know… :shock:

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