Wednesday’s adventure

Here’s what happened.

We were suppose to go to Sembawang Shopping Centre for Thai dinner. First, we discovered that the shuttle was no longer available. We took a bus down,miss our stop and landed outside Nee Soon camp. We took a bus back and asked the uncle to alert us when it was time to alight. To our dismay, this is what is left of it.

sign1 the mall

Which explains why we missed our stop. The surroundings was scattered with dilapidated shophouses and looked like a vintage treasure trove worn down by time. All of the food stalls were empty and quiet, even for dinner, except for one. So we decided to settle down there and stop our grumbling stomachs. :neutral:



Here’s what we bought:


Naan lime juice prata tandoori chicken and fried rice with spicy beef large tea

that’s me

Turns out the food was good and it came in large portions as well. Guess how much it cost?


That’s much much cheaper than what you get at Bukit Timah. :smile:

Morale of the story : Getting lost may land you in a wonderful eating place. Till next time. Cheerios.

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