Belated Bday at Sun with Moon jap restaurant

26th April 2007

This is a belated post as well. Hee.

It sure sux to have your bday right smack in the middle of exams. Nevertheless, I still survived! So, it’s kudos to more bdays to come in the middle of exams. ( I will survive…I will survive, I will survive! Oh yeah! )

Subby had Cs3241 (Comp gfx) paper in the morning and I had (MA1102R) calculus paper in the evening. He brought me down to the restaurant at wheelock place after my paper. We look tired and dreadful. The patrons there sure put a lot of effort into dressing up. There are men in suits and tai-tais and pretty ladies in sexy outfits. As for me…

I was in T-shirt and pants!

He’s dressed more appropriately..but looking stone here. Explaination: That’s the hungry look!

When the food arrived, we still have to wait for it to cook! Oh..and the hourglass sure is cute. ^.^

Hm, the wok is suppose to give out wisp of steam and I’m suppose to look really excited and amazed. I think it’s mixed with the sleepy and hungry look. But we can finally tuck in!

It’s the best unagi I’ve ever tasted! Soft, smooth and juicy..Ahhhhh….It’s making me hungry!

Nothing completes the meal with salmon sushimi. It melts in your mouth. No kidding! Unlike those you get in Sakae or Suki, this one doesn’t have a fishy smell at all! That’s how wonderful and delighting this is! -salivating-

There’s some pretty cool drinks there too.

The company which Subby’s dad work for did the decoration for this restaurant. Neat huh? I love the chandelier!

It tops the list of dum dum’s foodie recommendation for now. A must to visit for Japanese food lovers!

Oh..and do take note of the unspoken dress code. ;)

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