Belated Bday celebration at Clark Quay

18th May 2007

Kris organised my belated bday gathering. We went to Brewerkz to have dinner and booze. They brew their own beer and the cost of booze is reasonable when ordered in bulk. Subby had a pint of golden ale and we ordered a jug of Singapore Sling. The alcohol content is mild but that doesn’t stop old secrets from being spilled out. :cool:

{clark quay} brewerkz {clark quay} group photo @ Brewerkz {clark quay} singapore sling

The place is large and they have loads of sports trophy on display. ( It doesn’t quite make sense why a restaurant have those. Culinary trophy or best home brew alcohol award would seem more appropriate ) It was great catching up. Been about 1 sem since we gathered like that. With some taking on special sem, jobs and other commitments during the hols, it’s a rare opportunity we get to chill.

{clark quay} dian {clark quay} the aftermath {clark quay} sweet

Well, the pictures speak for themselves.

{clark quay} present

And it came to that exciting moment where I have to open my present. Whatever’s inside is Kris’s great idea..and it doesn’t sound that good with the group staring at me and grining between themselves.

First out, was a white purse. (Pretty neat. :smile: )

Next, Cocoa Butter and Vanilla hand and nail cream. Delicious.


{clark quay} hrmph
it’s pink! :shock:

Kris gave a convincing speech as to how another phase of my life means new changes and power. Changes to what I carry, my scent and yadayada – which leads to the present.

For a moment I thought she was gonna tell me I should wear it on the outside – like spiderman. “With great power, comes great responsibility!”

Nic’s really pretty that night. We took a walk down the river after dinner.

{clark quay} HK actress {clark quay} grp photo by the river {clark quay} charlie’s angels pose

Question: What are we doing?

{clark quay} pose 1 {clark quay} pose 2 {clark quay} pose 3

Here is the explaination

{clark quay} the posters u see in the papers


We don’t really wanna know about this…

{clark quay} um…

Our last stop was at Mcs where we played “I never” with water.

{clark quay} at mcs {clark quay} we never!

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  1. OMGGG!! FAINTZ!! Wad a picture.. HAHAHA. Your post is damn hilarious!! Ahaha and i’ll never ever suggest wearing a gstring on the outside man. Very wrongg.. =P. Ermm and wad secrets? Yay nice meeting up! Play a more sinful “I never” next time!!

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