Radio on Motorcycles?

So I was listening to radio and the deejay said someone called in to let the motorcyclists know that the gap between cars are not meant for them. The deejay ended with “so motorcyclists, you’ve been warned“.

It sounded amusing initially, then after some thought, I realised that most motorcyclists won’t be hearing that warning anyway. Besides those motorcyclists modified to blast loud music, I doubt any of them would be able to listen to radio. Radio from mobile phone while riding? I doubt so… which means, that entire segment of the radio is totally pointless.

Any riders, please correct me if I’m wrong and you’re able to listen to radio somehow when you ride..

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  1. Maybe I’m not understanding you but if you’re referring to the spacing between cars which should be 2-3 seconds, that same spacing applies to motorcycles. Motorcyclists need to put some space around themselves in traffic. I ride that way whenever possible. Of course, in group situations where 5-6 riders are riding together, we’re supposed to ride with staggered positions with a two-second gap in between riders directly in line. Of course, spacing depends on conditions. Allow more space when it’s raining or visibility is limited. Riding side-by-side is not recommended. If anything happens and you need to swerve to avoid a situation, you’ll end up swerving into the bike next to you. The main thing to be safe is to be seen by other riders and motorists. Cars often claim they don’t see us so it’s important for us to position our bikes so we can be seen. Riding on someone’s tail makes it hard for us to be seen by cars coming in the opposite direction. That’s why the number one killer of riders is a left-turning car approaching us from the opposite direction.

    Bikes do often have radios. My Honda Gold Wing 1500 has an AM/FM/Tape radio. I also have a CB and a GPS. Some riders have XM/Satellite radios as well.

  2. Hi Walter. The gap between the cars refers to the gap between cars moving side by side, ie, the lane marking. I’d agree with you that riding side-by-side is probably courting death.

    Some of the riders here have a bad habit of riding in between 2 cars and that is what the caller was warning against.

    Ah, it’s cool to know that some bikes come equipped with cool gadgets. I’ve only driven and never been on a bike and had no idea. From my knowledge, most of the bikes on the roads here are not equipped with a radio but I guess one as high end as a Gold Wing probably have one. Then again I doubt anyone would ride a Gold Wing between 2 moving vehicles.

    Thanks for shedding some light on the radio-on-bike issue!

  3. Very nice website by the way. It’s great that you’re promoting road safety for motorcyclists! :smile:

    We need more people like you here. :wink:

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