This account is gonna be really strange and most of you will end up laughing it off. But I was freaking scared at that point in time. It’s a mixed of real and reel life that doesn’t follow the logic of time or space, but it didn’t occur to me till I woke up. Here goes…

I was sick and took a day off from school. (Truth 1 : I was really sick when I had this nightmare) When I return to school the next day, Kris was telling me about the mandarin spelling test that my JC teacher gave while I was on MC. (Flaw 1 : Kris wasn’t in my JC) She was happy that she had full score for it and showed me her book while I was really pleased that I had “skipped” it.

To my utmost horror, the teacher made me stay back after school to take the spelling test. It was an awkward one teacher to one student situation (like those detention sessions in primary school) She read out words of two (supposedly simple spelling) but for most of them, I could only write one out of the two words. At that point in time, I regretted not taking a second look at Kris’s book. I thought very hard and wrote and rewrote the words I just wrote. However, even for the simple words I wrote, it seems that I could not write the strokes properly and the words ended up being messy. She started making irritable noises with her mouth and staring at me. (My chinese language JC teacher was extremely fierce)

After the test, she told me that I need to choose a crash course and the choice available were diploma in business,…

-beep beep, beep beep –

An sms from Subby saved the day. Phew.

One thought on “Nightmare

  1. Ok it sounds damn funny la! Hahaha! Like you fail chinese spelling and end up having to take a course in business?! No relation at all man!
    Besides, no more cheena forever!! YAY!!

    Haha yea i know. Some dreams are scary. There were times when i woke up crying real hard and times when i woke up laughing like a maniac. hahaha.
    Oh wells… lol

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