Zam Zam at North Bridge Road

It was a relaxing dinner with Subby yesterday at Zam Zam. Located opposite Golden Landmark Shopping Centre and beside a mosque, this little restaurant lay tucked away from the main road.

Unlike other Indian/North-indian restaurants that we’ve been to, this one doesn’t provide a menu. Perhaps they can serve all Indian/North-indian food. Hence, no need for a menu. We were ravaging with hunger when we reached there and ordered the usual food we that we eat.

Got myself a plate of beef murtabak. The skin is crispy, much like the crispy prata you find along Thomson road. It is packed as well as sprinkled on the surface with minced, juicy and chewy beef bits. Nice. I’ve never tasted beef murtabak this nice before. It definitely got me hooked and I’m probably never gonna eat a beef murtabak anywhere else.

Subby ordered a plate of mee goreng. If it’s any nicer to eat, he would have finished up the lime.

Nothing very special about the drinks there. We got ourselves 2 cups of teh tarik and a cup of lime juice.

We took a walk around bugis after our meal and I spotted this cutie that I couldn’t resist.

For $12.50, this must be the most expensive keychain I ever bought. But cute! Hee.

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  1. It’s beef. They’re muslim Indians. I was thinking about it then realise some of them sell oxtail soup as well.

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