Bye Sakae!

We ate at Sakae for dinner yesterday as we haven’t dined there in a while. While we were queuing, I noticed they are having red plate promotion of $4.99 which whet my appetite.

When we settled in, the menu was different from what we last had. They have wacky sushi (like those served in ichiban) in addition to their dishes. I started off with the salmon sushimi. It was heavenly. Then I realised, the servings seem smaller. I picked up a plate of hana maki and it had 3 hana maki rolls instead of 4. Moreover, the rolls seem smaller. What a promotion cheat!

In addition, the salmon slices on their normal salmon sushi are very much thinner. (They tear when I pick them up with my chopsticks) It felt like I was eating rice sushi instead. Their don which used to be large enough for the 2 of us has been reduced to a bowl barely enough for 1 person.

It was great disappointment.

I’ll think twice before stepping in again. Pity…I used to like going there.  Suki and ichiban have moved up Dum Dum’s foodie list.

Bye Sakae!

7 thoughts on “Bye Sakae!

  1. lol.. orh near ajisen.. near the kbox izzit? no lah, i only went lot1 like yesterday but never go 4th floor for a while liao haha…

  2. @ Subby:

    I don’t think they have an outlet in town, do they? Is the one at Cineleisure still operating? That’s the only one in town I think. They never update their website…And their website’s title has a spelling mistake. Hahaha!

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