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This was the most interesting project that I’ve worked on so far. Our topic was to do a movie catalog. Within 1 month, I’ve picked up html and php, with many thanks to my group mates and google. I’ve learnt a lot from this project, not just the coding part but a bit of life’s lessons as well.

Thinking back on the experience, it reminded me of a GEK module I took a sem back. We studied about group dynamics and how innovation may occur due to “creative abrasion”. In other words, it encourages people of different personality to work together as their differences may lead to something good. I would say, we were brought together under such circumstances. Before this module, I didn’t know most of them nor see them around school. I’ve said it a lot of times that this group was brought together “randomly” and yes, we more than survived the project.

{database proj} our webpage

Here’s a printscreen of it.

{database proj} project group mates

The group that made it possible. It’s the hardships we faced and the final sweet rewards that made what we did so satisfying and rewarding. (Not to forget the times we sneaked food in while coding.)

I can’t help but think that God put little barriers in the course of looking for my project mates to lead me to something better.

Thanks for everything and good luck for your exams! :)

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  1. Yea, its really amazing how God works, and its really only in retrospect that we can see how things actually worked out to be much better than we could ever imagine :smile: .

    All the best of the upcoming exams… till we meet again, take care and God Bless.

  2. Had a ton of fun working together though it was sort of the semester where I have the most frequently past 11pm on campus!!

    is this Joanne’s blog??

    All the best for exams!~~ I’m looking for people to study database together if anyone is keen…

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