Angsty post. You can save yourself from reading this.

Listening to a loadful of angsty songs.

I’ve never felt so pissed before; never reacted that way before.

When I walked out of my room, I saw the maid scrubbing my papillio with soap. Scrubbing! I told her to stop but she still continued. I was totally mad and raised my voice. My parents thought it was something else that caused me to react that way as they felt I was overreacting. Those who own a pair should know the pain. What really tipped the scales was how she ignored me when I told her to stop. Ok, fine if she wasn’t ignoring me. Then, she’s stupid. Can’t even understand simple english then.

She explained to my mom that my nephew left the papillio lying outside the toilet and she thought I wanted it washed. Hah! You see the loophole I suppose?

I had to dry it with a hairdryer after that. The edge seems a little soft now. I’m careful with the sole of the shoe even in the rain and she just splashed water in like nobody’s business.


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