The Asylum

Alright, I find we could finally settle down with what we have.

I manage to actually find a backup of old entries from the 3.0 era. The problem is phpMyAdmin doesn’t seem to want to import that file, meaning I’d have to manually enter hundreds of pages of entries myself.

Besides that, I might want to change the image header and definitely put back the links.

Check out the nifty pagination at the bottom of the page. There were 2 major plug-ins available. The Digg style pagination and Lester’s. I well with Digg style (sorry Lester :razz: )

I also update the WYSIWYG editor, not that you can see it anyway.

Looks like it’s more or less settled, though I have a few more plug-ins to play with. Now on to setting up the forum or the return of the Vault.

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