My FM Challenge

Throughout my attempts at the FM series, I’ve always been playing top clubs, mostly Chelsea. While it may be fun and all, it ultimately lacks the sense of accomplishment. The only game which I did something interesting was to go on holiday for 7-8 years before joining the game proper. (The original plan was 10 years but I just couldn’t wait for it to simulate 10 seasons…) I was reading the official SI forums of LLM and decided that if I’m going to get bang for buck for my FM, I might as well do something crazy. So here I am with my own challenge.

Here are some rules I lay down for myself (which might or might not coincide with coincide with the original LLM guidelines):

  1. Start with the lowest division of any country. unemployed
  2. Start with “automatic” past experience
  3. Never to use the quick search
  4. Never to use the player search
  5. Never to use staff search
  6. Never to retire and add new user

So basically, I’d only get players through my scouts and my shortlist and I’d only get staff from job advertisement. I’d see how far I can go. This is the real test of managerial skills. I foresee being frustrated and driven insane and returning to my normal games now and then.

Well, here we go…

FM - New Game

Ok, so I tried with the above loaded and with a lowest division English team. Not only do I think it’s humanly impossible to play, each turn takes ages to load. I guess I’d play with my normal mid-division load out and try starting unemployed.

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