You know it's almost Christmas when…

  1. Reminder to plan your holiday leave is issued during your weekly meeting (when one was already issued last week)
  2. You get to listen to Christmas songs where taking a dump at the shopping center’s toilet
  3. The counter staff at fast food chains are wearing Santa hats
  4. Your mom is grumbling about how hard is it to buy Christmas presents for your grown-up cousins
  5. British DJs are freezing their butt off and 10° means fairly warm weather
  6. Every website has their headers Christmas-ready with snow/santa hats/holly leaves/presents
  7. Every shopping center is obliged to put up some form of decoration no matter how low-budget said decoration appear to be

Feel free to contribute to the list.

2 thoughts on “You know it's almost Christmas when…

  1. 8. When even a vending machine is decorated with christmas items just like a christmas tree.

    hehe.. was preparing exams yesterday in school when i passed by the central forum and saw the ice cream vending machine dressed in christmas stuff.. too bad my phone sux at taking pictures, thus i didnt take a pic of it :P

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