I haven’t been in the blogging mood since the trojan incident. Surfing the net wasn’t pleasant at all with that pop up every few minutes. Too add on, I was down with a throat infection and runny nose on the first week of school. Nice. The doc gave me some cold medicine which left me in a vicious cycle of eating and sleeping my days away.

First week was pretty slack. In fact, this sem’s timetable is slackish compared to all the sems I’ve ever had. It’ll probably get busier with all the extra stuff I’m suppose to know once project starts.

With all the extra time I have, I’ve been thinking of meaningful ways of spending it. Thinking back, I’ve been trying to search for things outside of academics that truly hold my interests. I got lazy for one and as for the other, I couldn’t catch up with what was happening and they require that you be able to present your work. There’s nothing to present if you don’t even know what to do or there goes.

I’m considering to participate in open house. At least there’s some extra cash to spare. Till I’m in blogging mood, this is just a mundane update.

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