Seeing Things

Back to school and I’m back to listening to music while travelling. Well, I’d really like to play on the DS but sometimes the journey is simply not long enough or I’m just cramped up with all the other commuters that I don’t really want to juggle the DS while trying to get a firm footing on the train. But I digress… while I’m listening to the tunes in my headphones, I started getting images in my head, very often images that literally represent the currently sung word. I’m not sure if it’s all the visioning and visualizing from the Dale Carnegie course but what I tell you is that these images can be darn amusing. Maybe I should just put them into a video.

Talking about headphones, I’d just say that I’m losing my touch as the anti-social. Back in the day, when I put on my headphones and walk around, nobody actually tries to stop me when I walk around; salesmen, flag collectors, lost people, etc, none of them even want to approach me. Just the other day as I was walking from the train station to the bus interchange at CCK, one of such salesman actually tried to stop and converse with me. He probably said something but his voice was drowned out by the music. I waved him off of course but can’t help but wonder if he’s having such a bad day that he has to approach a guy with his head between headphones who obviously doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Lots of stuff to settle. Other stuff I wanna write. Probably oughta write a vision, need to prepare for IPPT (well, not really since preparation doesn’t prevent the inevitable), ah.. I might want to come up with a birthday list. I’d rather nobody be able to afford what I want than for someone to give me something that I don’t want I guess.

Cool stuff of the day: Ace Attorney Mock Trial Version [Kotaku]

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