Take a breath of fresh air

Just when everything seems piling up sky high and I’m getting ever so lost at probability class, the mid sem break is here to save the day! I’m thankful to have reached this pit stop in one piece.

Many of you would’ve probably heard about the crane accident in NUS. I was walking towards the computing building that day from business and just happened to pass by the entrance to the business building when I heard a very loud crash followed by shreds of glasses landing on the road. Seconds later, frantic screaming people were heard and they were running away from something. I was taken aback as I’ve only watched such events over the news. Gunshots, bomb blast and screaming people; they belong to the news. I moved closer to get a view of what happened and only saw a tree toppled on top of a bus stop. The full story of what happened only came to me that night over the news. It made me fearful and revolted with sadness at the same time. The man who steered the crane so that it doesn’t hit the business building and the bangladeshi who died in the accident. What would happen to his family while many others and me escaped without a scratch? It’s scary how a matter of few seconds meant life or death, carelessness or heroic, disaster or destruction.

On a happier note, spent time with Subby today chatting about things we normally do not have the time nor energy to discuss. I have a networks assignment this semester which asks us to do a email server (like gmail, hotmail). Cool huh? Of course, ours is very much primitive. Just sending of plain text but I’m very much amazed that my programme can extract stuff from my webpage. :)

Ok, still very lazy to upload photos whatsoever. Ciao!

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