The inexplicable bond

It’s easy to lose faith in humans. More often than not, I find more comfort spending some quiet time with my rabbit. Why? Perhaps it is because it is one of the many lives that I interact with but to it, I am the only one it can depend on. Such responsibilities may be burdenful for some to shoulder but having this knowledge of my importance makes me shoulder it with gladness.

   {inexplicable bond} resting  {inexplicable bond} bigger than a hp pouch  {inexplicable bond} almost the length of a hanger

Is that why we are so in love with children? Because they are the most vulnerable and innocent and hence makes us feel an inner compulsion to give protection to them? Or maybe they make us feel important by looking up to us?

She has been with me for 7 years. When she came under my care, she was almost an adult so it was difficult to build mutual trust. She would scoff and growl when I try to catch her but now, she struggles less. Maybe, age has caught up with her and she has mellowed down. When I let her out, she would greet me by tapping her nose against my limbs or put both paws on my tighs and her eyes always lid up when she sees me. Such a simple gesture that will make me grin. She doesn’t talk but she is as close as family.

As she nears her full life span, I can help but feel fearful. I want more time.

{inexplicable bond} toilet trained.

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