Good Tidbits, Bad Food

Domo-kun and Jim Beam

Hm.. my birthday presents. Domo-kun mobile holder and a Jim Beam mug. There’s a bar of Jim Beam fudge with the mug, it’s somewhere in the fridge.. :roll:

I like the fruit jelly puffs from the supermarket, this one from Mark & Spencer is even better! The puff is really crispy and soft.

From Lot 1 Food Junction

If you ever go to the Food Junction at Lot1 basement, never try the beef noodles. It’s just crap.. elastic beef isn’t supposed to be considered edible…. They just scope it from a bowl of bloody red beef and boil for 5 seconds before dumping it into your bowl of noodles.

As you can see the picture quality is crap. Taken on the E65 my dad handed down. I still need to get my N82… :???:

2 thoughts on “Good Tidbits, Bad Food

  1. paiseh………………..abit late but happy belated bdae ^_^

    holiday come out ok ok …but… nite or weekend plz! hahaha..

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