Kids talk

Two incidents which happened recently that brightened up my day.

1. I had dinner with my family at bottle tree village 3 nights ago. It’s a restaurant tucked away at the edge of Sembawang and inaccessible unless you have a car and accidentally chance upon it by getting lost in the forest.

We took a walk around the compound after dinner and here’s a dialog between my nephew and me.

Nephew: Gu gu, I’m scared of the beetle.

Me: You scarley cat!

Nephew: No. I’m scared boy. I’m a boy not a cat. Call me scared boy.

Me: Ok. ( He said the same thing when I called him copycat some time back )

2. This morning as my neice was preping for school, she hugged the cj7 soft toy and walked towards the door.

Mom: Wei…don’t bring the doggy to school.

Me: It’s an alien!

Neice: NO! It’s my babeeee! How come you don’t know?!!

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