2 Random Thoughts and a Whine

There’s a energy saving campaign going on in an effort to fight climate change. This can’t come at a worse time. The ironic part is how one of the message repeatedly being brought up was reducing your air-conditioning’s temperate or simply using the fan; you see this terrible heat wave is causing people to use more air-conditioning and we’re supposed to stop using it to fight climate change.

I don’t know what to think of this, we seem to be at a dilemma unless the hidden message is “save electricity, waste water”. Lost count of number of showers I can take in a single day for these past few days…

I often ponder over the issue of education, recently something struck me. I was thinking about our local education system and what’s it’s goal, is it truly imparting knowledge or simply the blind chase after marks, grades and paper qualification. This came to me after the image synthesis paper and I was thinking to myself, “Hm… I know I probably got that question wrong but I really want to know what’s the correct answer” then realize there’s no real avenue or arrangement made by the university for that unless I go speak to the lecturer of course.

This led me to wonder why isn’t there a review sessions after examinations, are they simply a test of what you know or acquire through a semester? Being slapped a letter that supposedly represents your ability but don’t really tell you why. Does learning stop at the examination? The university often claim to be teaching thinking skills and not regurgitating ability, hence examinations would require some thinking on our parts, isn’t this an even greater reason to review our examinations? I don’t know… maybe I’d learn and understand the concepts eventually but these grey areas in my mind is rather unsettling.

So for the past few days, I’ve been going a weird morning ritual with the computer. Whenever I try to turn it on, it gives 3 beeps. After a few tries, it would finally decide to display something but more often than not, the display starts spazzing out after a few minutes. After a few repeats of this, the BIOS will go mad and somehow swap my HDD boot priority causing a system boot error which I have to fix before I can finally access the OS.

The strange part is this usually only happens the first time I boot up the system, eventually reboots or even booting up later in the day is fine (I went to school for a paper yesterday and it booted up perfectly when I came home in the afternoon). Today the display starts spazzing out on me in Windows and I recall it happening rarely a few times before. Well, I decided to go check it out online; apparently the beep code represents a display card or monitor connection error which makes sense of course.

Guess I gotta do some hardware housekeeping as well. I took a couple of shots with the phone and you can check out the spazzing computer:

One thought on “2 Random Thoughts and a Whine

  1. I totally agree. I never understood why the school was so against us seeing our final exam script. Think about it, even if you are willing to pay 10 bucks to review your grade, you will not be able to see your script.

    Such a system has 1) no learning value 2) extremely low transparency.

    Your comp may have few possible problems. 1) HDD boot sector cui. 2) Graphics cui 3)CMOS battery cui… Try to set your system to halt on all errors and see what happens.

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