Four Seasons Durian @ AMK Hub

The family was at AMK Hub a couple of weeks back so we took the opportunity to check out the Four Seasons Durians shop. There was a long queue for their now-famous durian pancakes. We shopped around for a while before joining a shorter queue. It still took a good 15-20 minutes before I could place our order. We purchased 4 durian pancakes and a box of durian mocchi.

We only managed to sample the food when we got home. The durian pancake is as its name says durian wrapped with a pancake. What surprised me was that the durian was actually cold; somewhat reminding me of eating ice cream between bread. The filling was chilled fresh durian. The mocchi’s skin was kinda thick, the shop sells durian mooncake and I can imagine it being exactly like the mocchi except square and with a thinner skin.

With that said, I still prefer the durian rolls from Angie The Choice with its thin crepe skin wrapped around a generous durian core.

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