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So far, all our food reviews gave recommendations to places of must try with 2 thumbs up! However, we have met the extreme end of yucky food today so from now on, we’ll include “places to never visit” in our foodie review.

While we were deciding on where to eat for dinner at AMK Hub, a very polite lady from Pin Si encouraged us to step in. She must have flying colours for her chinese oral because my taste buds were kicking up a storm after she showed us to our seats. It serves HK food which have sprung up all over our island recently. I ordered the chef’s recommendation (which was shan lau hor fun if you go to the zi cha stall) and Subby got himself a pork chop cheese bake rice.

It was utterly disappointing as my dish was the only one with a chef recommendation stamp and it tasted like MSG stale fish hor fun. They probably used the wrong type of cheese for their cheese bake rice because it became thick and hard after a while and instead of the usual tomato ketchup which came with it, this one had pepper. In addition, the pork chop was tough.

To add to our unsatisfaction, the meal costs twice the amount of a decent meal we could get at the food court. Even Subby the not so picky eater thinks it’s bad so yes, it is bad!

One thought on “Pin Si @ AMK Hub

  1. Dear Sir/Mdm,

    First and foremost, we would like to thank you for visiting Pin Si AMK Hub. However, we sincerely apologise for not providing you with a good experience at our Cafe.

    We have brought this matter up and made your feedback known to the chefs, they are very sorry and have rechecked the quality of the food.

    With regards to the Braised Fish Fillet Horfun, we have taken your comments and made some changes to improve the taste of the dish.

    As for the Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop, we are still trying to source for a better quality of Cheese. However for the Black Pepper sauce used for the Baked Rice, we are not able to make changes as this is our chef’s recipe for the Baked Rice, but if you do not like black pepper sauce, you can inform the staff and they will try their best to make changes to suit your taste.

    Once again, we would like to apologise for the unhappiness we have brought to you. We thank you for your comment and would like you to know that we treasure each and every of your feedback.

    Hope that you would give us another chance to serve you, allowing us to bring you food and services of a better quality.

    Thank you very much and really hope to see you again!

    With Regards,
    Pin Si Kitchen Pte Ltd

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