Migration followup

I think most of the stuff are in place.

The pictures and galleries are sorted out and reorganised using a new flash gallery plugin. You can check them out from the link or the side bar or here.

Eventually I’d find time to fix the theme and stuff. Hope to run a modified P2 which is wider and less bland.

Oh yes, feel free to sign up for an account at slynk.com and participate in our group ramblings at .

looks like we’re back up after a little…

looks like we’re back up after a little outage earlier. most of the stuff changes are working, I don’t think I broke anything. What’s left is to try out the new gallery and to do that we need photos first.

this also means the old gallery posts would probably be broken unless I go back and retrofit them.

we’re also running a new related post plugin which currently shows a list of up to 5 (may be) related posts at the end of each entry. I’m still mucking around with the settings. I might just leave it as it is as “maybe be related” posts.

goodbye wall! can’t be bothered with t…

goodbye wall!

can’t be bothered with the spam magnet. besides it’s real easy to comment now. the freed space on the sidebar could give way to the blogroll which I’m supposed to put up long ago. I’d start by adding whoever I like that the site stats states is linking here. Hah!

In case you’re wondering, the wall page just went into draft so it’s still somewhere…

do we still need the wall? it seems to do nothing but attract a lot of spam

with the new theme it should be easier to comment as well

I can’t remember how long we were on th…

I can’t remember how long we were on the old theme, I found P2 while browsing the Automattic website. Looks pretty cool and since we are posting shorter and shorter stuff, the whole inline posting might entice us to post more without having to go through the hassle of the posting interface.

Everything still looks a little raw and some stuff a little out of alignment as they use the CSS on the old style sheet. I’m also trimming down the plug-ins we’re using.

In the mean time, lemme know if anything’s broken. I guess Asylum 5.0 is on its way…