Create and analyze network graphs with NodeXL

I chanced upon this application while working on my FYP and I think that it’s really neat! The creators made it to work together with microsoft excel and this greatly shortens the learning curve required to pick it up. It is marketed as a tool to analyze social networks such as those on fb but I think it’ll really come in handy in academia. In my opinion, the creators did a great job in solving bugs and implementing new features. I noticed the leaps they made since I was using their software a lot for my visualization.

You can get nodeXL here.

Now on windows 7!

I’ve reformatted and switched from windows vista to windows 7. Indeed, 7 is what vista should have been. My start up time is approximately 1 minute and no glitch spotted so far. :)

One thing I like about windows 7 is that the windows are displayed as icons on the taskbar. It’s a brilliant idea! Two things I don’t like about the way it is implemented is

1. The preview shows up whenever I hover my cursor over it.

2. The rest of my windows fade leaving only the window when I hover over the preview.

These are not just annoying but consumes computational power as well. I managed to get rid of point 1 using Taskbar Tweaker and point 2 by turning off aero preview. Yes, the taskbar is very charming now.

The disadvantage of doing a reformat is I lose the drivers required for keys like Fn+F8 on my lenovo T400. Something which I use very often since I switch between a mouse and touchpad. It took a lot of googling and reading up before I found out that I should download ThinkVantage System Update. Hopefully, this helps anyone out there who’s facing the same problem.

Probably the only thing I’m not satisfied about Windows 7 is that I can’t seem to install my cs4 package. It’s left to try out if JCreator, Steam and itunes run smoothly.

Emanuele Feronato’s Art of Debugging

Believe me, the word “sometimes” has been invented for losers. A drunk would say he “sometimes” gets drunk, but in my opinion he gets drunk EVERY TIME he drinks too much. That’s another way to live your life. “Sometimes” means you don’t know when. You can’t live this way. You are a programmer.

via The art of debugging : Emanuele Feronato – italian geek and PROgrammer

I came across the blog of one Emanuele Feronato while searching for Actionscript tutorials. Not only does he have cool and detailed tutorials for Actionscript, he writes extensively in other geeky areas as well.

His entries in his PROgramming category are pretty insightful and at times funny. I think I’m becoming a fan.

How to disable automatic updates for adobe pro

What I find most annoying about automatic updates is they always slow down the processes in my computer. Everything from surfing the net to opening new files to switching between windows slows down to a crawl. To make things worst, there’s the “you should restart your computer now” after the update. Doesn’t matter if the update comes once in a while but when programs try to connect every week or everytime you open them, that’s awfully annoying. Updates are good and I prefer to get them when I’m not rushing projects.

I’ve followed Megaleecher’s advice but it doesn’t seem to nip the problem in the bud. I came upon this solution by accident and acrobat hasn’t requested to connect to the net every since. Maybe if I find such solutions to all the annoying processes trying to connect to the net, I wouldn’t need zonealarm to block them anymore.

Step 1: Edit->Preferences


Step 2: Under categories “Updater”, “do not download or install updates automatically”