Gmail offers manual POP mail refresh now!

Head to your Labs settings and enable the “Refresh POP accounts” lab, then hit “Save changes” at the bottom or top of the page. From then on, you’ll see a “Refresh” link to the right of your inbox buttons. Hit it and Gmail will poll any email accounts you've set it up to fetch from. Want to get started importing your other mail accounts into Gmail? Check out Gina’s guide.

via Manually Refresh POP Mail Fetching in Gmail – Pop – Lifehacker.

This is excellent news for those who read their POP3 mail from Gmail. No more navigating into the settings page to refresh the mailbox.

Some help to stick to your resolutions

Nothing but the strength of your convictions can keep a self-improvement promise going for at least 365 days. You can, however, boost your chance at success and outwit your worst habits with some motivational devices and clever thinking.

  • 10. Roll 12 habits into one resolution

  • 9. Distract yourself at the moment of temptation

  • 8. Create a reminder network

  • 7. Pick only one actual resolution

  • 6. Use a timer

  • 5. Utilize public shame

  • 4. Make it into a geeky data game

  • 3. Conquer huge backlogs with a DMZ or half-life approach

  • 2. Set up a scheduled review

  • 1. Think progress, not perfection

via Top 10 Mind Hacks for Making Your Resolutions Stick – Mind Hacks – Lifehacker

Some of them are pretty interesting, then again I’ve only quickly glanced through. Will read it later.

Most Popular Top 10s of 2009 – Lifehacker Top 10

Every weekend, we comb our memories and archives to compile 10 useful items addressing a specific topic you may have forgotten about, or just happen to be excellent. Here are the 20 list(icle) posts that proved the most popular in 2009.

via Most Popular Top 10s of 2009 – Lifehacker Top 10 – Lifehacker

Aggregate of all the awesome Top 10 lists we love so much from Lifehacker for 2009.

Another Firefox Performance Tip

Mozilla Firefox

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[Lifehacker: Make Firefox Faster by Vacuuming Your Database]

Firefox tip: Firefox 3.0’s Awesome Bar added all kinds of features to the ‘fox, but unfortunately it’s also created some performance issues—for example, by upping the default history time, leading to larger, fragmented databases. This quick hack speeds things up.

There’s an experimental plugin released which automates this ‘vacuuming’ task. You get to set the number of restarts before the plugin automatically sorts out your database or you can set it to reveal the status bar icon after a certain interval if you derive some kind of satisfaction from clicking a simple button to make your browser faster.

[Add-ons for Firefox: Vacuum Places Improved]

I make sure of the awesome bar rather often for searching or hoping I’m lucky and get to the site I want. Hopefully this will make somewhat of a difference. You can follow Lifehacker’s article and discussion on the plugin here.

Lifehacker: How to Fix Annoying YouTube Jumpiness in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

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[How to Fix Annoying YouTube Jumpiness in Firefox – Firefox – Lifehacker]

Many users, myself included, visit YouTube on an almost daily basis. Ever since Firefox version 2.0 implemented the session restore function, when you are watching a video on YouTube (perhaps on other video sites as well, I haven’t really tested that), you may notice a tiny freeze-up of the video every 10 seconds or so. This happens because the session restore is by default set to save all open tabs every 10 seconds. This is especially noticeable if you happen to have a lot of tabs open at once.

The quick fix for this problem, at least for my own sake, is to increase the time between each of the saves performed by session restore. By opening about:config in your Firefox address bar, then typing browser.sessionstore.interval in the filter box, you’ll see a value of 10000, which is in milliseconds. (Meaning your session is saved every 10 seconds.) I changed this to 300000, or every 5 minutes, as I don’t have the urgent need for tab restoration. If you feel like being more on the safe side, try increasing it to something a bit lower, say 120000, or every 2 minutes.

I’ve been having the problem myself. I tested the sessionstore and it seems your tabs are stored whenever you close down your browser properly anyway so a 5 min tab storing for when your browser crash should not be that much of a biggie.

Now to test if YouTube indeed becomes less jumpy.

Again, But Slower and Simple Wikipedia

[Lifehacker – Again, But Slower Shows Simplified Wikipedia Pages and Their Originals – Wikipedia]

I never knew there is a Simple English Wikipedia, now I also learnt there’s a free site which shows you both for comparison without having to sign-up. Check it out, especially when researching on cheem subjects is giving you a headache and you need a simpler explanation.

Zemanta + CSS Fixes

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

I first came upon Zemanta as it’s mentioned on Lifehacker as a Firefox extension to help write rich emails. I don’t really want pictures and stuff in my emails. I write emails like how I talk on the phone, short and sweet (She might disagree on the ‘sweet’ part). Anyhow, with some reading, I found its original incarnation as a WordPress plugin. So I installed it and gave a couple of entries the Zemanta treatment:

Rather nifty I must say, especially with all the links which I used to do until I got lazy of manually linking them. Now they do it for me!

The insertion of the image caused a slight problem because the current theme doesn’t handle the alignment properly. I initially started looking for new themes to use but ended up editing the current css files to fix it along with some other problems we’ve been having but I didn’t bother to fix.

Besides the alignment of blocks, captions of images, including a nice border, should also show up properly now.

Tetris and Photo Editing

According to researchers at Oxford University, playing the popular, classic puzzle game Tetris after a traumatic experience could significantly reduce emotional scars.

Huh…. what? One of the comments sum it up pretty well..

So now video games promote violence AND erase the memory of it? I’m so confused.

[Kotaku » Health: Tetris Wipes Out Bad Memories, Say Scientists]

While surfing Lifehacker, I found a gem known as Picnik! It’s a free online image editor. While it’s not as powerful as Photoshop, it offers more effects and tools than Picasa. Some of the stuff I did on Picnik.



Daily Rounds: X’mas Tree, Eating and Rabbids

[Lifehacker » DIY: How to Make a Beer Bottle Christmas Tree.]

I always knew there’s something I can do with all the beer bottles I used to collect. Such a shame I didn’t figure it out before I cleared them all out.

[Lifehacker » Food: How Eating Slowly Will Help You Lose Weight.]

There are a lot of factors in losing and maintaining a healthy diet and weight, but the HealthAssist blog points out that eating slowly might play a larger role than you realize.

Along with the general knowledge of your body needing more time to figure out it’s full than most rush-rush meals allow for, “insulin resistance” and other factors suggest eating more slowly is something to strive for.

So basically, if I eat slowly, I’d lose weight? Perhaps the rising rate of obesity in Singapore is due to shorter and shorter lunch breaks. :roll:

[Kotaku » 2008 Holiday Cards: A Holiday Video From Raving Rabbids.]

For the rabbids girl.