Prince of Persia

We caught Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time a few days back. Say what you will about video game movies but Sands of Time was entertaining to say the least.

I remembered the original Prince of Persia with its prince in white and floor of deadly spikes, as well as its sequel where the protagonist wore a turban. Sands of Time, as its title suggest, is based on Ubisoft’s Sands of Time trilogy of games.

The film had a mix of fighting and acrobatic stunts set in an exotic locale. The movie was borderline fresh on RT when we caught it and it dropped to 40% at the time of writing. I find it unsettling when the aggregate score is 40%, the top critics‘ is 26% and the community’s rating is 71%. Are the critics saying the everyday man shouldn’t be enjoying the movie as much because they say so?

Some are comparing this to Pirates, saying it could be Bruckheimer’s next big franchise. I don’t know how and when this comparison started. Did Prince of Persia present the same charm and magic as when I caught the first Pirates? No. Was it an entertaining movie? Yes.Will it be a big successful movie franchise? We’ll see.

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500 Days of Summer: Not a love story

“Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.”

[500 Days of Summer @ RT] [ 500 Days of Summer @ IMDB]

Captures with such immediacy the elation and anxiety of new love, the tingle and the terror, the profound sense that you have never been more alive and the occasional wish that you could die on the spot.

– New Republic

A romantic comedy that feels like real life.

– New York Daily News

The ending is tidy and way too cute, but (500) Days is otherwise a different kind of love story: an honest one that takes a piece out of you.

– Rolling Stone

An unconventional rom-com which displays the same tinge of indie film influence as Juno and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Funny and surprisingly thoughtful at times. The anti-thesis of the Sandra-Bullock-romantic-comedies we’re so often exposed to, 500 Days of Summer’s honest portrayal of love will present moments which most of us can relate to.

Doesn’t matter if you’re watching as a couple or alone. Give yourself a treat amidst your assignment and project deadlines.

The ugly truth

We went to watch “The ugly truth” today. It’s a very different kind of romance comedy plot which left the crowd in the theatre laughing very loudy at some point and going “Ohhh..” at other times. Halfway through the movie, I realised that Gerard Butler also acted in 300! I like his different and fresh role in this new movie – the uncouth relationship advisor.

You know your movie is subjected to product placement…

.. when you are introduced to a world where only Mac exists.

Caught the Proposal with Jo some time back. It’s a funny movie but I feel that it doesn’t score as highly in the romantic portion of being a romantic-comedy. Sandra Bullock still looks as timeless but there doesn’t seem to be much on-screen chemistry with Reynolds. The role was originally offered to Julia Roberts, which is quite unimaginable. Reynolds also did better in Definitely, Maybe in my opinion. (Rotten Tomatoes agree) I think the show was stolen by Oscar Nuñez who played the multiple-roled Ramone.

I also find the role of the ex rather superfluous. I expected some plot development from Reynolds’ character seeing her with the school children but nothing happened. I think she’s just in the story to have the 2 conversations with Bullock’s character.

[The Proposal @ RT] [The Proposal @ IMDB]

G.I Joe

We watched G.I Joe 2 days ago. Man, was it awesome! Nice story, nice graphic effects and cool fighting moves! I’ll pay to watch it again! Go catch it during the long weekends! :) Here’s a trailer to enjoy while you’re here.

Subby hijack!

What I like:

Visual effects. KaPow! The effects for Rise of Cobra were pretty neat. We watched it on digital so it should look better. The only part which looks a little odd to me was the glossy look on the planes used by the Joes. Then again it’s probably to depict their stealth capabilities.

Ninja. Who doesn’t like ninjas?

Two ninjas. Because two is better than one.

Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. I found him funny. Good to know he can still be funny while he’s doing an action feature and not just movie parodies.

Tight leather costumes. I’m a hot blooded male after all.

Pacing. This is how a summer action film should be. BAM BAM BAM. Quick flashback. Back to more gunfights. No time wasted sidetracking to some pointless subplot.

Sequel. I guess I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched it but they pretty much set it up nicely for a potential sequel, which will probably be made if Rise of Cobra do well enough.

Lack of slowmo to show the bouncing boobs of a talentless starlet. Hm, some people might put this point as one of the reasons they dislike Rise of Cobra. Whatever floats your boat I guess.

What I don’t like:

Old-fashioned reviewers. A lot of reviewers gave Rise of Cobra bad ratings simply because it’s different from what GI Joe originally was. You claim to be loyal to the brand but honestly, if you like the old stuff so much just watch the old stuff? Don’t cry about how they are destroying your childhood. Boohoo.

Reviewers who review Transformers II the same way. An action flick is an action flick. Do not expect it to be more than an action flick. You don’t expect a disaster film to make you laugh do you? Why do you expect an action flick to teach you the meaning of life?

In all seriousness, I truly believe Rise of Cobra is one of the better summer flicks. Amidst the bad global economy and budget cuts, we should be glad we are treated to such a cinematic spectacle. (There might not be a film adaptation of Subtle Knife :cry: )