Tetris and Photo Editing

According to researchers at Oxford University, playing the popular, classic puzzle game Tetris after a traumatic experience could significantly reduce emotional scars.

Huh…. what? One of the comments sum it up pretty well..

So now video games promote violence AND erase the memory of it? I’m so confused.

[Kotaku ยป Health: Tetris Wipes Out Bad Memories, Say Scientists]

While surfing Lifehacker, I found a gem known as Picnik! It’s a free online image editor. While it’s not as powerful as Photoshop, it offers more effects and tools than Picasa. Some of the stuff I did on Picnik.



Singapore Flyer

Mom got the Singapore Flyer vouchers at a cheaper rate so we drove down to take a flight yesterday. It’s located at a corner of the Marina Square area, a tiny 2 lane road which proved to be a problem when cars start to congest the place while queuing for the car park, effectively reducing the road to a single lane way.

There’re actually several shops around the complex with a landscaped rain forest walk on the ground level, which we didn’t have time to explore.

You’d be disappointed if you expect the ride to be super exciting. If you didn’t prepare to take photos, it might be down-right boring. Each flight takes approximately 30 minutes, it’s very slow and stable, you can hardly feel the capsule moving except for the periodic slow-down it has to make for people to board and alight.

The capsule’s exterior was actually dirty with water stains because it finally decided to rain a few days back. The stains with the reflections off the glass didn’t work for photography. We went in the late afternoon so the sun was setting behind the cityscape, making it hard to take in the sight of our concrete jungle. The sea-facing side of the scenery was actually rather splendid. You could see all the way to the horizon.

Loads of photos after the fold.

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