Windy Day with Clear Blue Sky

Went out yesterday for lunch with Mom and dinner with Jo. This is also the first year in a while that I didn’t put up any wish list, can’t remember if I had one for last Christmas. Anyway had a red packet from Mom, spent it on cab for lunch because I was late, a haircut and a new pillow. Felt terrific after the hair cut and the new pillow is nice!

Facebook has created this annual phenomenon of people dropping you a message once it’s your birthday. For me, it started once the clock hits twelve and it got a little crazy when the phone started getting notifications while I was trying to do other stuff. Anyway, it’s still nice for folks who I’ve not really kept in contact with to drop a message; I tried my best to reply with a personalised message for each them.

Somehow, I’m incapable of keeping too many relationships in my life. People come and go and I accept that as a fact of life. I can only keep a small group of friends and I really appreciate them for being there. It’s interesting how some of the relationships sometime just develop differently from where it was original formed. Just like how I mentioned before, friendships can only grow by taking them away from their original context.

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Run after Assassin’s Creed

I finished Assassin’s Creed in 17.5hrs so I went for a run. I know I’m a few years behind but this is a good a time as any to pick it up. I’m impressed with its technology and design; though I found it a little thin on the plot (that or I couldn’t understand what was going on till the penultimate mission), I felt it set the scene for the sequel perfectly. [(2 more) screenshots on┬áMy Steam profile]

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First Run with New Earphones

.. and new app: RunKeeper, I used to use runtasic PRO [sic].

The first problem that occurred was it complained about poor GPS signal, seems v finicky about it. It has a 15 second countdown before the start of the activity but doesn’t count it down for you but starts with an abrupt “Activity Started” instead, forcing you to watch numbers counting down instead of getting ready for the run which is probably it’s intended purpose. Lastly, the audio cue doesn’t seem to be working at all, I set it to report the time and distance every 0.25km but never heard it once during the entire run.

Ran with the Philips SHQ1000 and was pretty pleased with it. The ear pieces fit snugly and didn’t felt like it moved or would even drop throughout the run. The wires are long enough for me to place the iPhone in my back pocket and the wires are light enough not to swing wildly during the run. It has a clip but I didn’t felt the need for it.

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