Diablo III: The Monk

The 4th class has been recently announced at BlizzCon. It is the monk.

[Diablo III – The Monk]Diablo III - Monk

The man seemed ignorant of the cold. He was dressed like a beggar, wearing little more than an orange sheet wound around his body, leaving half of his chest exposed. A garland of large wooden beads hung around his thick neck. His head was completely shaved, with the exception of a wild bushy beard. Then, recognition struck me: upon his forehead he had a tattoo of two red dots, one larger than the other. As any informed student of the peoples and cultures of this world must also realize, this man was one of the monks of Ivgorod, the secretive and reclusive holy warriors of the country.

[Kotaku – Details On The Monk: Diablo III’s Newly Revealed Street Fighter]

The Monk uses fighting-game like combos and holy magic, favoring speed over toughness. The class will have complementary skills…skills that work together better than they work apart. He will be a tougher character to master, for advanced players.

This monk looks inspired by the more oriental shaolin type instead of the non-canon Hellfire clergy monk. More to look forward to in Diablo III.

Would Star Wars: Old Republic play as well as its Trailer looks?

[gametrailers 49937]

Kotaku – Old Republic Gets New Trailer – Clips

Kotaku – Star Wars the Old Republic Preview: Bam, Here It Is – E3

Do yourself a favor and watch the trailer in HD on GameTrailers. Some would say the whole short sequence is better than Episodes I – III combined. I must admit the fighting is quite epic.

I haven’t played an MMO since FFXI and isn’t too interested in playing MMOs anytime yet. I guess I fall in that bunch of players who are a little disappointed when the next Old Republic title announced by Bioware isn’t going to be a Knights of the Old Republic single player RPG but an MMO. We would have thought that with the content cut from KoToR2, we’d at least get a great sequel.

With the following preview from Kotaku, maybe things are looking up.

Sense of Scale: This is a war of bounty hunters, Sith, Jedi, smugglers and others. You can feel, in every scene, the importance of your action. The game does a great job of walking that fine line between making you the most important person in the universe and making you just another player.

RPG: It may be a massively multiplayer game, but it certainly didn’t feel like one. While playing I was still moving around with the keyboard, attacking with the mouse, using hot keys to pull of choke holds, powerful light saber attacks, impaling enemies. But the inclusion of all of those choices, the voice acting, the look combines to make it feel more like a powerful single player experience.

Looks like I’d be following its development and see if it’s any good.

Left 4 Dead 2 Videos

[gametrailers 50556]

Here at GameTrailers.com

The zombies look a lot more hardy, one was still fighting back with a big hole where its belly should be. We also catch a glimpse of the new special infected, the Charger. There’s also a short section of melee combat, looks like it’d be like the flamable tanks and such in L4D, where you need to ditch when you want your guns back.

Closing the Gap between Game and Anime

Some games, Dragonball Budokai series come to mind, attempted cell-shading technique to their art style but something always looks odd somehow. This trailer of the latest Naruto game caught my eye and it pretty much looks like what the anime looks like. If these are indeed in-game shots, I must say it looks pretty sweet. I like the evening scene of Sasuke fighting Kakashi, everything dyed yellow by the setting sun. Only problem is this will probably have the same gameplay and storyline as the past X number of Naruto fighters. [via Kotaku]