Androids have become a reality

Human looking robots have always been a fantasy in the modern world. They are fictitious characters in movies, cartoons, comic strips, video games and children’s books. We dream that one day they’ll live alongside us and aid us in our everyday lives being caregivers and companions as depicted in the movie “I, Robot”. Yet, we fear that when that day comes, they would’ve have acquired far too much intelligence and will want to overthrow the human race. All these of course, are part of the imaginative mind that seeks to captivate and entertain. Yet, what was once only part of a dream is slowly taking form.

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Daily Rounds: X’mas Tree, Eating and Rabbids

[Lifehacker » DIY: How to Make a Beer Bottle Christmas Tree.]

I always knew there’s something I can do with all the beer bottles I used to collect. Such a shame I didn’t figure it out before I cleared them all out.

[Lifehacker » Food: How Eating Slowly Will Help You Lose Weight.]

There are a lot of factors in losing and maintaining a healthy diet and weight, but the HealthAssist blog points out that eating slowly might play a larger role than you realize.

Along with the general knowledge of your body needing more time to figure out it’s full than most rush-rush meals allow for, “insulin resistance” and other factors suggest eating more slowly is something to strive for.

So basically, if I eat slowly, I’d lose weight? Perhaps the rising rate of obesity in Singapore is due to shorter and shorter lunch breaks. :roll:

[Kotaku » 2008 Holiday Cards: A Holiday Video From Raving Rabbids.]

For the rabbids girl.